What we do…

With horse as partners, we provide personal and professional learning and development experiences. Put simply, through guided activities with horses, we help you gain self-awareness, and expand your potential so that you can transform your personal or working life. No previous experience with horses is required since all the work with horses is on the ground and not in the saddle.

We can help you to:

  • improve your communication skills by understanding how your current interpersonal style affects others, and by teaching you to better understand and access non-verbal communication skills
  • recognise and move beyond unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns
  • consciously develop and access your intuition to bring forward a greater degree of personal creativity, innovation and authenticity
  • improve your emotional fitness by learning to recognise, understand and act on emotions in practical and intelligent ways

 This means you’ll be better placed to:

  • communicate more flexibly and consciously at home and at work
  • collaborate with others and work more effectively in teams
  • become a more resilient and adaptive leader in your personal and professional lives
  • improve personal relationships by resolving conflicts and conducting difficult conversations in more productive ways

We also provide consulting, facilitation, coaching, training and keynote speaking services in the area of personal and organisational change to the corporate and government sectors.

To find out more about our director and owner – Karen Curnow – click here.

Our unique backstory…

Firehorse Equine Facilitated Learning has come from the ashes of a real life experience of adversity and so provides an inspirational back-story for those looking for learning and transformation in their own lives.

In 2009 Karen Curnow survived the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires, emerging from a burning house with the clothes she was standing up in, the contents of her handbag and one dog. Her house and everything else she owned were all lost in the firestorm that came through the small township of St Andrews on that day and she was lucky to escape with her life.

Incredibly, in the aftermath of the fire, she discovered that her two horses, Walker and Jaffa had survived and were singed but very much alive. In the year after the fire, Karen wrote and published a book – The Flipside of Misfortune – about her experiences recovering from the fire and about how even the most devastating event can have a positive and transformational flipside.

Karen has subsequently created a new life for herself and her horses and has been invited to speak on national and local radio and by a range of corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Her horses Walker and Jaffa are the original “Firehorses” after which the organisation is named. While Jaffa passed away in 2011 at the age of 24, Walker continued until 2020, also passing away at aged 24 on the 11th anniversary of the fires he survived. See more of Karen’s story here.

 walker and jaffa