The Herd

The most important members of the team here at Firehorse are the herd of horses who form the core of our teaching team. Without their participation and guidance we could not offer our unique learning and development experiences.

Edward, George, Walker and Chex live together as a family and bring different talents to help their human students…


Standing 17.2 hands high, Edward can seem intimidating at first sight. But don’t be fooled – he is quite aware of his size and the effect it can have on people who don’t know him very well. Edward is a very expressive and playful man and loves to be admired and praised.


A 10 year old quarter horse originally bred and trained for cutting and reining, George is a truly curious boy and loves to interact with people whenever he can. A quick learner, George’s beautiful chestnut coat and cheeky nature mean that he always has plenty of admirers.


Leader of the herd, our thoroughbred Walker is a truly remarkable horse who has grown in strength, wisdom and resilience though difficult times. Walker loves people and while he is gentle and friendly he also likes nothing more than to gallop through his paddocks with Chex or hang out under the trees with Edward.


A 10 year old quarter horse born and bred in the Yarra Valley, Chex is always happy to make new friends and explore your pockets. Chex likes to play with his pal Walker and enjoys a gallop through the paddocks on a sunny day followed by a good scratch and a roll in the mud.


A white  Andalusian mare and a mother of two, Katarina provided a calming female influence to the herd. Quiet and reserved by nature, people were constantly drawn to her beautiful face and dark eyes. Katarina could set and maintain boundaries extraordinarily well – a skill she frequently needed around the boys. Katarina moved on peacefully to non-physical adventures in August 2015 but her presence and influence continues to this day.