Our Services


We offer both public and tailored programs for personal and professional development. Our programs offer you the chance to improve your communication and leadership agility skills, and develop your emotional intelligence and change fitness skills. By gaining rapid awareness through your interaction with horses, you have the opportunity to transform your private and working life.

Visit our calendar page for the latest public workshops or contact us here for a tailored experience for you or your work team.

Individual coaching

Coaching is always available working with our herd at Amaroo or with your own horse. Coaching is tailored to suit your particular needs and goals and can be adjusted to focus on a range of topics, for example:

  • Setting healthy boundaries – free up time, space and creativity
  • Developing your intuition and accessing your inner wisdom
  • Developing greater self-confidence and in-the-moment authenticity
  • Harnessing intention, energy and focus to set and achieve goals
  • Building healthy, trusting relationships
  • Developing your leadership – harness the power of intuition, emotional agility and non-verbal communication
  • Connecting and building a deeper level of trust with your horse
  • Getting unstuck – make overdue changes in your life
  • Finding the flipside of unwelcome changes and transitions.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us here.