Karen Curnow is available for speaking engagements and has regularly spoken to a range of corporate, not-for-profit and educational organisations. She has also been a guest on ABC Radio  National’s Life Matters with Richard Aedy and on ABC Melbourne’s morning show with Jon Faine.

In 2018/19 Karen was associate producer on the ABC/Renegade Films documentary Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday. 

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Handling Change and Adversity

“I’m no stranger to changes in my own life – job changes, moving house, moving countries, family deaths and divorce have all been a part of my story. But in February 2009 I experienced perhaps the biggest and most traumatic change in my life to date as I first survived and then learnt to thrive after Australia’s biggest natural disaster – the Victorian “Black Saturday” bushfires which killed 173 people and left 7500 others homeless.

I lost my house and all my possessions and was lucky to escape alive, emerging with only the contents of my handbag, the clothes I was standing up in, one dog and 2 traumatised horses. The year which followed saw me embark on a very personal journey of re-construction and transformation and inspired me to write a book – The Flipside of Misfortune – a memoir about change and choice at an extraordinary moment in my life.

As a speaker I share what happened to me but also what I’ve since learnt about surviving and thriving in difficult times. My message is hopeful and inspirational – that we all have choices, even in the worst of times and that how we choose to think and feel about a change can deeply shape our experience of life. I also speak about the impact of my personal experience on my views about managing change in organisations and on resilience and resourcefulness in the face of change.”

To book Karen or find out more, please contact her directly on 0419 882 320.