December 8th 2019

Finding your Balance

Time:        9.30am-4.30pm
Location: Amaroo, Gisborne, Victoria
Cost:         $180

Check out the workshop video here

Are you constantly busy? Feeling tired but more sleep makes no difference? Do you feel overwhelmed, a bit disconnected or out of balance?

Join the horses for a day in nature to learn to:

  • Set boundaries effectively so that you can create the physical and emotional space you need to be yourself
  • Breathe coherently so that you can connect with yourself and others more effectively
  • Tap into your intuition, understand what its telling you and do something differently in response

Or maybe you just need a day away to pause, reflect and remember who you are !

No previous horse experience is required – all activities with horses are on the ground and properly supervised.

Contact us here to register your interest.